Menstruation and lithotherapy: which stones for painful periods?

Period pain can be a heavy burden in a woman's life. If you suffer from it and are looking for natural solutions to painful periods : you have come to the right place!

In this article, I give you some keys to better live your menstrual cycle and a list of stones and minerals for each phase of the cycle, which will allow you to solve specific problems and help you overcome painful periods , whether you have menstrual bleeding. ' endometriosis or not. You can also use essential oils for menstrual pain.

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Understand the phases of the menstrual cycle

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The female cycle is not just about menstruation and ovulation . It is a period in 4 distinct phases that it is necessary to know and tame.

The best advice we can give you is to watch your cycle and listen to your body.

If you have painful , heavy or irregular periods, if the premenstrual period is complicated, if you have symptoms that come back every month, observe them and try to place them in one of the phases of your cycle , this will help you better understand them. live and act on the origin of these problems.

Phase 1: The pre-ovulatory period

The pre-ovulatory period , or follicular phase , begins after your period ends. Physically, the body prepares during this phase for ovulation : it therefore begins to secrete hormones called estrogens which will send the signal to the body to create a nest, the endometrium , for the egg ( ovum ) to come.

Symbolically, it is linked to the energies of the growing moon and the maiden, or the virgin.

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During this phase, we are subjected to the energy of spring, of renewal, of the impulse of life. We therefore feel dynamic and this is the right time to start new projects and to set intentions.

4 stones can be used to support the pre-ovulatory phase :

💎 Yellow Aventurine: Yellow Aventurine will help you make changes in your life, open up to opportunities and make decisions

💎 Green aventurine : among the benefits of green aventurine , there is that of bringing creative prosperity and that of helping to make the right choices, they can be very useful during the follicular phase

💎 Carnelian : it is particularly suitable for this phase because it brings a lot of joy, it helps to live the present moment, it brings a sense of responsibility and a lot of self-confidence.

💎 Fossil wood helps you understand your needs , make decisions wisely and keep a sense of reality.

Phase 2: The ovulatory period

Symbolically, the ovulatory period corresponds to the energies of the full moon, the mother or the goddess and the energies of summer.

silhouette of a woman in front of a sunset over the sea

Physically we are, at this moment of our cycle , at the peak of our beauty, we have self-confidence and our libido explodes at this moment. This is the phase of sensuality, of femininity... Well, it's supposed to be, but if this isn't the case for you, don't panic, nothing out of the ordinary! These are just generalities, each woman is different and experiences her cycle differently.

During this phase, we are very connected to others, we are generally full of empathy, we want to take care of those we love, even if it means forgetting ourselves a little and putting us in the background. It is therefore a period that tends to turn us outwards and towards others, but it is important to succeed in coming back to yourself from time to time and not forgetting yourself.

I therefore suggest 6 stones that will help you during the ovulatory phase :

💎 Moonstone : it helps regulate menstrual cycles and hormonal secretions .

💎 Selenite brings energies of peace , serenity and harmony

💎 Aquamarine to help you communicate better and play on your hypersensitivity

💎 Carnelian : to increase your fertility, if you are planning a baby

💎 Lapis lazuli to learn how to listen to yourself and fully experience your emotions

💎 Snow obsidian to refocus your gaze on yourself and not forget you

Phase 3: The premenstrual period

During the premenstrual phase , also called the luteal phase or the progestational phase , the body prepares to welcome the egg if it has been fertilized, or to evacuate whatever has been created for nesting if it has not. .

Illustration of a woman in a forest in autumn

Symbolically, this period corresponds to the energies of the descending moon, the wild woman or the enchantress and autumn.

During this phase, we are slowly moving towards a kind of hibernation: the energies begin to descend and we are more turned towards ourselves. During this period, a darker side of us can emerge.

If one suffers from premenstrual syndrome , this is when it manifests itself. In this case, this phase can be synonymous with irritability , mood swings , or breast pain .

It is important to succeed in accepting the dark side of ourselves that emerges during the premenstrual phase , to succeed in welcoming the need for change, to observe the things that bother us in our life or in our surroundings. You just have to be careful not to be mope and surround yourself with stones that allow you to stabilize your emotions and see the positive:

💎 Smoky quartz is recommended to drive away dark thoughts , to take root, discover your needs, become aware of your body and accept yourself.

💎 Black tourmaline neutralizes negative energies , it also helps to perceive our deep needs and helps us connect to our inner being

💎 Sunstone is a stone of joy , enthusiasm and optimism, you can count on it to warm your heart in this difficult time

💎 Amazonite helps fight against sadness and frustration , it also protects against negative thoughts and soothes emotions

💎 Snow obsidian (refocusing your gaze on yourself, feeling what suits or displeases you, reminds you of what is precious in you, gives you the truth about yourself)

💎 Rhodonite is a wonderful emotional adjuster , Rhodonite is an excellent support for people who have PMS with emotional symptoms (mood swings, irritability, anxiety, feeling depressed). It brings a lot of inner serenity and helps to manage emotions.

Phase 4: The Menstrual Period

The menstrual period occurs if the egg has not been fertilized. The body then eliminates the endometrium .

Illustration of a witch on a snowy mountain

Symbolically, this phase corresponds to the energies of the new moon, the old woman or the witch, and winter.

The menstrual period is conducive to creativity and introspection. It symbolizes the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Often accompanied by pain, this phase is dreaded by many women. What if we took the opportunity to refocus on ourselves? To take care of ourselves and indulge in languor?

My advice: take advantage of this period to pamper yourself, meditate, take stock, free yourself from the tensions you have accumulated to start a new cycle , be the phoenix rising from the ashes!

To help you during the menstrual period , you can use the following stones:

💎 Moonstone : Moonstone regulates menstrual cycles , hormonal secretions and is excellent for stimulating the imagination. She brings a lot of sweetness, poetry and sensitivity. To promote withdrawal and introspection, you can favor a black moonstone.

💎 Lapis-lazuli : Lapis-lazuli allows you to listen to yourself and develop creativity. It benefits the imagination and introspection and brings deep peace. It will help you fully experience your emotions.

💎 Snow obsidian : It is a stone of truth that helps in self-rediscovery. It refocuses our gaze on ourselves and helps us to feel what bothers us as what suits us.

💎 Garnet : The tsavorite variety relieves severe pain almost instantly, use it if you have painful periods . Almandine garnet gives energy and courage, so it helps fight discouragement, emotional instability and depression related to premenstrual syndrome . It also helps to face obstacles, including pain. You can also use pyrope garnet which has the same virtues as almandine but more powerful.

💎 Red Jasper invigorates the spirit and gives strength to fight. It will bring you all the motivation you need to help you welcome and accept period pain . Reducing pain also involves accepting it. Use the energy of this pain to feel alive, never forget that this pain is what makes you alive and that it is temporary, you will bear it better.

💎 Malachite is known to help fight pain . Some even say that it would have anti-inflammatory properties and that is why it would be effective against menstrual pain . Many women with endometriosis use malachite to reduce pain .

💎 Selenite : A stone of infinite peace and serenity, selenite will help you relax and soothe you. It would also have antispasmodic properties that help fight menstrual cramps in the pelvic area .

💎 Hematite is the blood stone par excellence since Ancient Egypt, hematite is a relaxing anchor stone that also has revitalizing virtues. Its main asset for menstruation : its high iron content which can be useful in case of hemorrhagic menstruation . But beware, it represents a minimal iron intake and therefore does not replace treatment in the event of a deficiency.

💎 Fire opal : it regulates menstruation and purifies the blood. It is also a stone that stimulates and strengthens desire, if you are a fan of sex during this period, this is the stone to have!

How do I use the stones during my cycle?

towels, candles, stone and buddha statue

Above all, it is necessary to plan about twenty minutes and to have a quiet room, without disturbances (telephone, screens), to create a cocoon of well-being with a relaxing atmosphere (music, diffusion of essential oils).

Lie down and place the stones on the pelvic area .

Relax, breathe, focus on body sensations or music.

Stay like this for about twenty minutes: you can take the opportunity to meditate or sleep : you will enjoy the benefits of meditation or sleep at the same time as the virtues of the stones .

At the end of the 20 minutes, take the time to come back to yourself, slowly, listen to your body, stretch, straighten up gently, and remember to drink water.

Harmonize your cycle with moonstone

Drawing of a woman in the tree of life

Considered as the stone of the goddesses since Antiquity, moonstone is the stone of femininity par excellence. It helps regulate menstrual cycles , hormone secretions and helps solve fertility problems . After childbirth, it would also help maintain lactation . It allows you to learn to listen to your body and your emotions.

To harmonize the cycle , we will base ourselves on the virtues of moonstone but also on the virtues linked to its color.

Pre-ovulatory period : this period is harmonized with white moonstone for its virginal softness, or with orange moonstone to bring energy

Ovulatory period : white moonstone brings a peaceful and reassuring energy

Premenstrual period : use orange moonstone for its sensual energy or black moonstone to promote self-reflection and introspection

Menstrual period : black moonstone is used to harmonize the menstrual phase . It allows to accompany the withdrawal into oneself and to develop intuition.

Stones to support the emotional


Amazonite is an excellent emotional support in case of endometriosis or painful periods . It acts on emotional wounds and traumas that can have a negative impact on pain.

It is also very useful in case of premenstrual syndrome because it has soothing benefits on emotions such as sadness or frustration.

If you have sexual problems related to your emotions , she can also help you on this side.

amazonite round bead bracelet


This stone of peace and serenity will be a precious ally throughout your menstrual cycle .

Use it when you meditate to bring harmony to your body and mind and to promote the circulation of energies.

selenite pebble


Carnelian will be very useful if you have mood swings , if you feel easily irritated and if you lack energy.

It is a stone of joy and optimism, which helps to live the present moment while soothing negative emotions. It harmonizes needs and desires, brings you its beneficial warmth and develops self-confidence.

If you are planning a baby, you can also use it during the pre-ovulatory and ovulatory period to help increase your fertility .

Carnelian tumbled stones

Stones for period pain or PMS

Here is a list of stones that can help you with period pain or PMS . This list is not exhaustive, it is a small selection that I propose to give you an idea of ​​the virtues to look for in a stone to relieve problems related to the menstrual cycle .


As we have already said, malachite is widely used by many women to fight against menstrual pain , it would have anti-inflammatory properties which would therefore give it this ability to fight against pain.

Malachite tumbled stones


Selenite is said to have antispasmodic properties , so it would help fight muscle spasms . It will help if you have uterine spasms or abdominal spasms .

The red jasper

Unlike the three previous stones, the action of red jasper on menstrual pain is mainly emotional. It gives you the strength to fight against pain, helping you to accept and welcome it.

Red Jasper Tumbled Stones

Moss Agate

Moss agate is a stone linked to the earth and to nature. It therefore allows you to connect to your menstrual cycle to better understand and apprehend it.

You can wear it permanently so that it accompanies you on a daily basis and in all phases of your menstrual cycle .

Moss agate round bead bracelet


Very useful in the event of premenstrual syndrome , it is however necessary to take care not to use them if one is in a state of psychological fragility.

Obsidian is very useful for withdrawing into oneself, it promotes introspection and allows you to free yourself from old patterns.

But they are powerful and make you see the truth about yourself, so you have to be ready to welcome the truth, which can sometimes be violent.

Silver Obsidian Tumbled Stones

Fossilized wood

Like moss agate, fossil wood is grounded. It allows you to reconnect with your deep nature and offers an anchor to the earth to evacuate tensions.

It is very useful for dealing with menstrual pain and premenstrual syndrome .

Fossil wood tumbled stones


You can use amethyst to combat negative emotions such as frustration and anger.

It also allows you to free yourself from parasitic thoughts that can lead to hormonal changes and it allows you to find inner peace.

Amethyst druse

And you, what stones do you use to better live your menstrual cycle? Tell us in the comments! 😄

Lithotherapy does not replace conventional medicine, it acts as a complement and support. Never stop treatment without medical advice. In case of illness, we advise you to consult your doctor.


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