Fossil Wood

Virtues in lithotherapy, characteristics and history


Fossil wood , is also called silicified wood, fossilized wood, petrified wood or xyloid . It is a wood that has been covered by minerals. The original structure of the wood is more or less preserved and the organic matter is more or less replaced by these minerals which can be quartz or pyrite for example.

Fossil wood has a variable color, depending on the chemical components brought in during petrification: it can be bluish, brown, black-brown, grey, yellow, reddish or even green.

It is not a fine stone (formerly semi-precious stone).

Characteristics of fossil wood

Main deposits
Argentina, United States, Egypt
Various tints: bluish, brown, black-brown, green, gray, yellow, reddish
Chemical composition
Silicon dioxide: SiO 2

crystal system

Trigonal (rhombohedral)


Root Chakra (First Chakra, "Muladhara")

Trace elements


Astrological signs

Leo, Virgo

Purification and Recharging

Purify fossil wood

Refill the fossil wood

Fossil wood is purified with pure water only.

Purification in a pure water bath requires leaving the stone for about 4 to 5 hours in its bath.

Fossil wood can be recharged in sunlight .

You can leave your stone for 2 to 3 hours in a room bathed in light.

Avoid long exposure to direct sunlight.

You can also recharge your fossil wood on a pile of rock crystal .

Recharging on rock crystal takes about 1 hour and can be done day or night.


Fossil wood

On an emotional level

Fossil wood is widely used in lithotherapy to regain self-confidence and to promote self-discovery and understanding of our needs .

It is a stone that allows deep rooting , allowing you to rediscover the meaning of reality and find your bearings .

Fossil wood helps to make decisions and act wisely , to face the obstacles of life with calm and tranquility .

Fossil wood tumbled stone
Fossil wood tumbled stone

On a physical level

Fossil wood is very useful for elderly people who lose their memory and for distracted people .

Some say that fossil wood would be a protection against bone fractures . It contains silicon, a trace element that helps to fix calcium on the bones and therefore contributes to their strengthening.

On a spiritual level

The energies trapped in the petrified wood make it possible to work on past lives and to connect with the ancestors to find the wisdom of the past.

COLOR Properties


Brown is the color of organization , practicality , and management .

It is a reassuring , concrete and stable colour, which makes it possible to relate to stable values ​​in the face of a rapidly changing world.

Brown is also a color that develops the ability to make long-term projects and that allows you to approach them with patience and method .

History & traditions

Fossil wood was used in the Neolithic era as a rudimentary hammer.

It is found in abundance in the Egyptian desert but as it is difficult to cut, it was never used for carving during the time of the Pharaohs.

In North America, large pieces of fossil wood were used for construction, while smaller pieces were used to make tools and arrowheads.

Fossil wood was used by Native American peoples for jewelry. According to Native American tradition, fossil wood would indeed help to develop patience to support the slow inner transformation and to help develop personal willpower, physical strength and emotional strength.

In Ireland and Australia, ancient artifacts of fossil wood have been found.

It was not until the 18th century that we managed to cut large pieces of fossil wood . From that moment, we started to make jewelry and decorations, especially in Germany.

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