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Jadeite jade is one of three varieties of jade along with nephrite jade and kosmochlor. jadeite acts on the heart chakra, Anahata in Sanskrit.

Jadeite is primarily a stone of justice and power.

It is a fine stone (formerly a semi-precious stone, but this designation has been banned).

Characteristics of jadeite

Main deposits
Myanmar (Burma), Guatemala
Colorless, green, white, gray, pale purple, brown, red, orange, yellow, bluish, greenish, mauve, blue
Hardness (Mohs scale) 6 - 7: scratchable with file and sand, scratches glass
Chemical composition
Sodium and aluminum silicate: NaAlSi 2 O 6

crystal system



Heart Chakra (Fourth Chakra, "Anahata")

Trace elements

Aluminum, silicon, sodium

Astrological signs

Libra, Aries, Pisces, Taurus, Aquarius, Virgo, Gemini, Cancer

Purification and Recharging

Purify jadeite

Recharge Jadeite

Jadeite can be purified with pure water, pure salt or salt water .

You can therefore soak it for 4 to 5 hours in a pure water bath , for 2 to 3 hours in salt water or for 30 minutes on pure salt .

For pure salt purification, we recommend the indirect purification method

Jadeite can be recharged in sunlight .

You can leave your stone for 2 to 3 hours in a room bathed in light.

Avoid long exposure to direct sunlight.

You can also recharge your jadeite on a cluster of rock crystal . It takes about 1 hour and can be done day or night.



On an emotional level

Jadeite is a stone of honesty , of power but also of justice . She brings a sense of security and serenity , allowing her to resolve conflicts wisely .

This stone balances judgement , brings temperance and a spirit of tolerance in your consideration of others. It thus makes it possible to bring harmony in friendly and romantic relationships . It also attracts friendship .

With a jadeite near you, your judgment will always be full of justice and morality .

Some also say that jadeite brings good luck .

Jadeite Bracelet 6mm
8mm Jadeite Bracelet

On a spiritual level

Jadeite brings you a great virtue , that is to say a moral force that allows you to strive for good and morality .

Jadeite allows us to raise our level of consciousness .

On a physical level

Jadeite works at the heart chakra , helping to fight fever , migraines and nervousness related to personal problems.

To help heal skin conditions related to a nervous disorder (eczema, herpes), you can apply jadeite to your heart chakra.

The silicon it contains can also help keep your skin in good condition and fight against skin problems by promoting healing .

The aluminum in jadeite can help with insomnia .

COLOR Properties


Green is linked to hope , compassion and healing .

It is a color that opens to others in calm and serenity .

It acts on the heart chakra by helping to take an emotional step back . Thus it helps to soothe feelings of sadness , suffering and anger .

The self-control offered by this color will awaken your sense of justice .

Green is the color of nature, plants and their healing ability .

History & traditions

In 1863, the French mineralogist Augustin Alexis Damour described jadeite , thus making a distinction for the first time between the two types of jade : nephrite and jadeite .

The names Jade, Jadeite and Nephrite all come from the Latin lapis nephriticus , equivalent to the Spanish piedra de ijada , “stone of the (iliac) pit”.

The Spanish conquistadors of the 15th century gave this name to jade , in reference to the use made of it by the Mesoamerican peoples: they used it to treat internal ailments and more particularly kidney problems.

The use of jade by humans dates back to prehistoric times. Jadeite has been mined in the Alps since the early Neolithic period and has been used to create tools for three millennia. It was mainly made into long ax blades, certainly used for ceremonies.

In the same period, the first jade objects appear in China: the Liangzhu culture represents the first apogee of the art of making jade objects. These objects have a ceremonial use: prestigious people, part of the elite, are buried under jade after their death. In successive eras, jade will always be polished, artistically worked and will always be used by people of high social status.

Jade is the subject of many legends in China, it is seen as a stone of elegance, tranquility, virtue and purity. It was also the symbol of absolute power, the emperor had to attend major ceremonies with a jade scepter and the princes of China each had a jade tablet to indicate their rank, they were dismissed if the emperor took it away from them. . Thus, it can be concluded that owning a jade in China was somehow equivalent to claiming an imperial dignity.

In Europe, in Antiquity and until the Middle Ages, jade was used to protect against kidney disease.

French folklore has it that jade weddings are celebrated after 26 years of marriage. The tradition then is that we offer a jade object to the bride and groom on this occasion.

Lithotherapy is an alternative energy therapy, the indications given do not in any way constitute medical advice, they are taken from cultures and reference works in the field. For any medical problem we invite you to consult your doctor. Never stop treatment without medical advice.

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