Tiger's Eye: Virtues, Meaning, Purification and Recharging

Discover the benefits and powerful virtues of the Tiger's Eye stone, a protective and energizing stone that can help you lead a fulfilled life. Apart from the beauty of its colors and its reflections, it is a very popular stone in lithotherapy and often worn in jewelry. Many people wear tiger's eye bracelets, but we also find it worn as a pendant, necklace or earrings for their beauty. It is also a stone easily worn by men who are a little cautious about wearing stone jewelry because the earthy colors of tiger's eye have a more masculine connotation. But I assure you, this stone is suitable for everyone!

Polished Tiger Eye Stones
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Characteristics of Tiger's Eye

Main deposits

South Africa, Australia, Burma, India, United States, Central Africa


Brown with golden-yellow, red-brown or blue undertones

Hardness (Mohs scale)

7: scratches the glass

Chemical composition

Silicon dioxide: SiO2

Crystal system Chakra
Trigonal (rhombohedral) Root Chakra – “Muladhara”
Sacral Chakra - "Manipura"
Trace elements Silicon
Astrological signs Gemini, Leo, Virgo

What is Tiger's Eye?

Tiger's Eye is a fine stone which belongs to the quartz family. It comes from crocidolite, a fibrous substance, which transforms over time into golden and yellow quartz, giving Tiger's Eye its shimmering appearance.

When blue, tiger's eye is called hawk's eye. When it is red-brown, it is called bull's eye. There is also a golden version of the tiger's eye, often very popular but much rarer.

Today, tiger's eye is used in the form of polished stone or jewelry for its beauty and its energetic properties in lithotherapy.

This fine stone is renowned for its ability to bring courage, strength and protection. It acts as a shield against negative energies and strengthens self-confidence. Thanks to its energizing vibrations, Tiger's Eye can also facilitate the manifestation of your desires and help you achieve your ambitions.

But that's not all. Tiger's Eye is also known to alleviate fears and anxieties by acting on the solar plexus chakra, promote better concentration and balance emotions.

This versatile gemstone can be used in many different ways, whether wearing it as jewelry, placing it in your environment, or meditating with it.

Integrate this protective and energizing stone into your life and discover new self-confidence.

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