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Selenite is a gypsum, or a variety of gypsum if we follow Anglo-Saxon customs. Its color is often white, rarely transparent.

Selenite acts primarily at the crown chakra, Sahasrara in Sanskrit. It is the stone of peace and serenity.

It is a fine stone (formerly semi-precious stone but this name is now prohibited).

Characteristics of Selenite

Main deposits
Sicily, Spain, Morocco, Canada, United States
White, rarely colorless (gem)
Hardness (Mohs scale)
1.5-2: scratchable with fingernail
Chemical composition
Calcium hydrosulphate: CaSO 4 - 2H 2 O

crystal system



Crown Chakra (Seventh Chakra, "Sahasrara")

Trace elements

Calcium, Sulfur

Astrological signs

Cancer, Aquarius

Purification and Recharging

Purify Selenite

Recharge Selenite

Selenite can not be purified with pure water, pure salt , or salt water .

To purify your selenite , we advise you to use the method of indirect purification with pure salt , incense or palo santo .

Some say selenite simultaneously purifies and recharges in the sun.

Selenite preferentially recharges in moonlight , but it also supports sunlight .

To recharge it, you can leave your stone overnight in the light of the moon , or 2 to 3 hours in a bright room .

Be careful not to leave your stone exposed to direct sunlight.

You can also recharge your selenite for about 1 hour on a rock crystal cluster .


— Selenite

On an emotional level

Selenite is a soothing stone that radiates energies of peace and harmony into the home .

Ideal for finding inner serenity , it is widely used in meditation because it helps channel the digressions of the mind and thus promotes concentration .

This stone also favors the circulation of energies , it improves the capacities of synthesis and judgment .

Selenite Pendulum
selenite pebble

On a physical level

Selenite would be a very good antispasmodic

On a spiritual level

Selenite is a stone that promotes intuition , develops mediumship and it would be an excellent telepathic receiver .

Color properties


White brings together all the other colors : in terms of light, white corresponds to all the shades of the chromatic circle put together, so it is a rainbow that brings together all the colors .

The color white is the brightest and purest of all colors. It divulges the knowledge of the world , sheds light , clarifies and highlights what surrounds it.

History & traditions

The name selenite comes from the Greek selenitis , moonstone, but there is no connection between this stone and moonstone as we understand it today. This name indeed refers to the color of selenite , the reflections of which can make one think of the brilliance of the Moon.

In antiquity, pure selenite was widely used in the manufacture of windows. The stone was then called Lapis Specularis , window stone, as evidenced by the writings of Pliny the Elder.

Also discovered on the island of Cyprus are selenite and lead tablets dating from 200 or 300 AD, which bore invocations in Greek to chthonic deities, appeals for justice and curses.

Selenite was used in particular in Bologna, Italy, around the 5th century: selenite walls were built all around the city to protect it.

In the Middle Ages, the large crystals discovered in Germany were used to protect the images of the Virgin, they then bore the name of Marienglas , glass of Mary.

Lithotherapy is an alternative energy therapy, the indications given do not in any way constitute medical advice, they are taken from cultures and reference works in the field. For any medical problem we invite you to consult your doctor. Never stop treatment without medical advice.

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    Je possède une sélénite que j’ai par erreur, mais surtout ignorance et sans avoir pris soin de vérifier, mis dans l’eau légèrement salée. Est-elle perdue ? Est-ce que je peux faire quelque chose pour la récupérer. Je suis tellement contrariée. Merci de votre retour.

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