black tourmaline

Virtues in lithotherapy, characteristics and history


Black tourmaline, also called schorl or schorlite, is a dark brown to black mineral with a glassy luster.

Black tourmaline works primarily at the root chakra, Muladhara in Sanskrit. It is a stone of protection, an essential of lithotherapy.

It is a fine stone (formerly semi-precious stone but this name is now prohibited).

Characteristics of black tourmaline

Main deposits
United States, Europe, Australia
From dark brown to deep black
Hardness (Mohs scale)
7-7.5: scratches the glass
Chemical composition
NaFe 2+ 3 Al 6 (BO 3 ) 3 Si 6 O 18 (OH) 4

crystal system

Trigonal (rhombohedral)


Root chakra (first chakra, "Muladhara")

Trace elements

Sodium, Silicon, Aluminum, Iron

Astrological signs

Sagittarius, Capricorn, Cancer

Purification and Recharging

Purify black tourmaline

Recharge black tourmaline

Black tourmaline can be purified with pure water , pure salt or salt water .

To purify your black tourmaline with pure water, soak it for 4 or 5 hours in a water bath . To purify it with salt water, you will need to leave it in salt water for 2 to 3 hours .

For pure salt purification, we advise you to use the indirect pure salt purification method .

You must purify your stone before each meditation.

Black tourmaline recharges in sunlight .

To recharge it, you can leave your stone for 2 to 3 hours in a bright room .

Be careful not to leave your stone exposed to direct sunlight.

You can also recharge your black tourmaline for about 1 hour on a cluster of rock crystal .


— Black Tourmaline

On an emotional level

Black tourmaline is one of the essentials of lithotherapy.

It is known and recognized for its properties of protection against the negative energies coming from the others which it neutralizes, and against the electromagnetic waves which it absorbs.

Black tourmaline allows us to connect to ourselves , to our inner being , to perceive our deep needs . It is an excellent meditation stone as it aids concentration by refocusing the mind's wanderings .

Worn as a bracelet , it will protect you from negative energies coming from others , a polished stone slipped into your pocket will protect you from the waves emitted by your phone and the negative energies of others. Rough stones can be placed around the house, near devices that emit waves, or in the corners of rooms to protect you.

6mm black tourmaline bracelet
8mm Black Tourmaline Strap

On a physical level

Black tourmaline is very useful in helping to eliminate excess sugars and fats , so it is often used as a support when dieting .

It is also used to help strengthen the nervous system and to protect against waves and static electricity .

Black tourmaline is widely used in geobiology for the protection of places of life . By placing it in the four extreme corners of your home, or directly on the site of the geobiological disturbance, it compensates for the negative disturbances (cosmotelluric chimneys, geopathogenic nodes such as Hartmann's nodes, crossings of underground flows).

On a spiritual level

Black tourmaline allows a return to consciousness and deep rooting (or anchoring) .

Color properties


Black is a color of protection , it is often used to make oneself "invisible" , to stand aside to protect oneself from the outside and its influences.

It is a color that helps to promote introspection and to feel our inner needs .

History & traditions

The mineralogical name of black tourmaline is Schorl. This name would come from the German term schrul , used by miners to designate the black stones rejected after having washed the extracted ore.

It is the subject of several beliefs in various traditions:

In the Candomblé religion in Brazil, black tourmaline is the stone of the orisha Ogum, god of war and iron.

In Egypt, it was used as a protective stone for the deceased as it was believed to mislead evil spirits.

In Greece and China, black tourmaline was considered the stone of the initiatory journey, allowing one to find oneself, to find the sacred center of oneself and of everything.

In Christian tradition, black tourmaline is used to symbolize the home of Christ and the preservation of intimacy in relationship with the divine.

In Victorian times, black tourmaline was used to make mourning jewelry.

Today, the finest specimens are faceted and used in jewelry. It is also widely used in energy disciplines.

Lithotherapy is an alternative energy therapy, the indications given do not in any way constitute medical advice, they are taken from cultures and reference works in the field. For any medical problem we invite you to consult your doctor. Never stop treatment without medical advice.

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black tourmaline