How to start lithotherapy with a small budget?

Starting lithotherapy may seem difficult given the diversity of stones that exist, but when you have a small budget the task is even more difficult. This is why I am offering you 5 solutions to introduce you to lithotherapy without putting all your savings into it .

1.The starter kit

The first solution is to build a starter kit , made up of rather classic and common natural stones . It will allow you to work on each of the chakras.

We advise you to use medium tumbled stones for precise work or natural stone bracelets for continuous work.

I offer several stones for each chakra , this will allow you to build your own personalized kit by choosing a stone for each chakra . To learn more about the virtues of each stone , you can consult our Guide to stones .

First of all, you need to get a stone . We recommend a black tourmaline , preferably raw. Do you know that saying: “Prevention is better than cure”? Well it is this principle, by protecting yourself on a daily basis you will preserve yourself from the imbalances and harmful energies that surround you.

Then you have to choose a stone for each chakra (see the infographic at the bottom of the article)

Root chakra : “I am”. It is the chakra of anchoring , vitality , the need for security and deep fears .

Red Jasper , Fossil Wood , Bronzite or Garnet (Pyrope or Almandine)

Sacral chakra : “I feel”. It is the chakra of creativity , physical desires , the path of life

carnelian or sunstone

Solar plexus chakra : “I want, I radiate”. It is assertiveness , willpower , personal power

Tiger's Eye or Citrine

Heart chakra : “I love”. It's love , compassion , emotions

Green aventurine and rose quartz , amazonite , jadeite or malachite

Throat chakra : “I communicate”. This chakra governs the expression , the listening , the release of the word

Chalcedony blue lace or Aquamarine

Third Eye Chakra : “I see”. The third eye chakra governs Vision , Intuition , Perception

Lapis lazuli , sodalite or amethyst

Crown chakra : “I know and I am”. It is the chakra of spiritual connection , awareness , inspiration .

Amethyst or rock crystal
Be careful, the amethyst appears twice but be sure to apply a different stone to each chakra.

2.Use only rock crystal

Rock crystal can be used on all chakras since it is a transparent stone that contains all the colors of the spectrum of light.

Rock crystal is an essential in lithotherapy , it is the main healing crystal . Moreover, some alternative therapies exclusively use rock crystal in their practice.

Rock crystal is used to harmonize the chakras, the subtle bodies and for overall energy healing.

To go further you can learn to program rock crystal , so you can use it to target specific issues.

3.Go to the essentials of your needs

An economical way to start lithotherapy is to proceed by priority. Let me explain :

First, you will have to find your main problem and try to trace the source of this problem .

Once the source is found, you can choose one or more stones to process it.

Thus, with a few stones, you will already have overcome your main problem and you can take care of more secondary problems as soon as your budget allows it.

4.Use your old stones

If you already have stones at home, given to you by relatives for example, you can purify and recharge them.

They will thus regain all their properties and you will be able to use them.

Be careful, if these stones have been poorly maintained, it is possible that their energy is “exhausted”. Particular attention to their maintenance could restore sufficient vitality to them to be used as part of a treatment, but it is also possible that they are too exhausted to have a sufficient impact in the context of lithotherapy.

5. Seek advice

The best way to be sure to buy the stones that correspond to your problem is to seek advice from a professional .

The Solstice & Minéraux team is at your disposal to advise you in your choice and to offer you products adapted to your needs and your budget.

Do not hesitate to contact us on Instagram, Messenger or by email, we will answer you as soon as possible 😊

And you, how did you start lithotherapy? Tell us in the comments!

Lithotherapy starter kit

Lithotherapy starter kit: stones for each chakra

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