Lithotherapy: Why this craze?

Many wonder how to explain this recent craze for lithotherapy . So I looked into the matter and did a little digging to find some explanations for you. Here are 4 reasons why lithotherapy is trendy .

In reality, the interest in lithotherapy is not really recent since it was popularized in the 70s by the New Age movement . Since then, “ health stones ” have come back into fashion regularly and many people use them on a daily basis.

Reason 1: It's beautiful!

Obviously, there is the aesthetic side. You can use the stones as decoration , a pretty amethyst druse as a bookend or a piece of rose quartz on your bedside table for example, but also as jewelry for a very trendy boho style .

And if in addition they can help you feel better, why deprive yourself of them? It's a phrase that comes up often in our circle: “I don't believe in the virtues of stones , but hey, it's pretty and then you never know, it will do me good as much”. Even among the most skeptical, there is always this little desire to believe in it a little, but without admitting it, by rather highlighting the aesthetic aspect of the stone .

Reason 2: Stars use them

Celebrities also contribute to making lithotherapy trendy . Many are those who turn to alternative therapies such as lithotherapy . We can notably cite Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham or even Bella Hadid who declared using the stones on a daily basis .

Reason 3: It's natural and safe

We have also, for several years, all of us this desire to return to a more traditional way of life, purer, more in tune with nature . Me first, I started by turning to organic and natural cosmetics moreover the multitude of brands that have emerged in recent years proves that this trend is general then I used more and more ' aromatherapy and little by little, like many, I am rediscovering ancestral practices by bringing them up to date.

Like me, you may have noticed that the health crisis that has been going on since 2020 has also pushed us to seek more nature , to avoid overconsumption and harmful products, to consume local...

Add to all this that during and after confinement, many people turned to alternatives to psychologists and found real support in therapies such as sophrology or lithotherapy .

Reason 4: It's a healthy lifestyle

But beyond aesthetics, fashion or this need to return to more nature, lithotherapy (and more generally so-called alternative therapies ) is a way of life , made up of small rituals dedicated to the Self , to one 's Nature , to its Being and which aims to help us to listen to ourselves , to listen to what surrounds us and to live our life fully by integrating ourselves naturally into our environment.

The objective is simple : to take care of yourself in all conscience , to release stress and tension , to activate the natural mechanisms of our body to move towards a well-being .

And in a world where everything goes fast, where productivity takes precedence, where we do a thousand activities at the same time and where we never have time to rest, is it so surprising that more and more people are looking to free up some time for themselves, to find themselves?

And you, what do you like and attract you to lithotherapy? Tell us in the comments 😘

It is important to note that lithotherapy does not replace conventional medicine, it is used in addition. Be careful never to stop your treatment without medical advice and in case of illness consult your doctor.

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