Lithotherapy: where to buy stones?

To buy your minerals , two possibilities are available to you: physical stores and online stores . Which solution to choose?

There is not really a fixed answer, the most important thing is to do according to your desires, your habits and your expectations. However, there are a few things to know before making your choice.

Advantages of the physical store

1. Handle the stones

In a physical store , the advantage is that you can manipulate the stones , observe them, possibly feel their energies. Some people only buy from the store because they need to feel the minerals to know which ones to buy.

But this is also a disadvantage, because hundreds of other people have touched these stones before you, so the stone has already been in contact with the energies of these other people. It is therefore necessary to take care to purify and recharge the minerals that you have purchased in a physical store before using them. This is also the case for minerals purchased from online stores, they have been handled by other people and will need to be cleaned before use, but compared to minerals displayed in stores, they will have encountered fewer people.

2. Meet people who have the same interests

We can also appreciate the fact that, in a physical store, we physically enter a dedicated universe and we go physically to meet people who share our taste for minerals .

Advantages of the online store

1.Compare products

When you buy your minerals from an online store , you can more easily compare products, quality and prices from one site to another. Plus, you know the shop is open all the time, so you have time to think about your purchases and come back any day and time you want.

2.Check reviews

Mineral sales sites usually have sections with reviews from customers who have already ordered, this allows you to make sure that the store is serious and that the products are of quality.

3. Personalized advice

On online stores, there is often someone available to advise you via instant messaging, via social networks or even via email. In the physical store too, but online the advice is generally more personalized , the advisers have more time to discuss it and, for the shops that provide advice like Solstice & Minéraux, your adviser will answer you on the times and days that suit you. , including weekends or after 7 p.m. for example.

4. Educational content

Another advantage of the online store is that, very often, the mineral sites also offer detailed sheets on the stones and their virtues , so you can choose your stone while consulting the virtues easily in parallel, which is rarely the case in physical stores. In addition to the virtues sheets, you will be able to find recurring and free educational content to discover, learn and progress.


Finally, online stores generally offer promotions more regularly and more advantageous than physical stores.

Stay tuned

In any case, keep in mind that, physical store or online store, some unscrupulous sellers will try to sell you plastic or resin by passing it off as a stone or common stones chemically tinted to sell them at the price of rare stones (a howlite tinted and sold as a turquoise for example).

The advantage in an online store is that in case of doubt you can find out about search engines, whereas in a physical store it will be more complicated.

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