Work and studies: stones to optimize your abilities and well-being

To start this new school and work year in the best conditions, we are going to address four themes for the 2023 school year:

  1. Work, studies and projects: Advance in the best conditions
  2. Stress and anxiety: Taking care of yourself
  3. Relationships and communication: Develop virtuous and healthy bonds
  4. Energize the body and mind: Prepare for a new dynamic
  5. Bonus: Your ideal litho kits for back to school

1. Work, studies and projects: Boost your abilities

Whether you are returning to your work or studies after a few weeks of vacation, whether you are starting new studies, a new job, or whether you are entering a new class or a new company, you will need a lot of energy and concentration. , intellectual capacity, analysis and memory, and this is what we will look for in our friends the stones.

Orient yourself, retrain and build a new project

Before approaching the right working and study conditions, you may first need to take stock of your situation, build your project and your life path, and the stones can support you in this process.

What stones for new projects, reconversion and orientation?

For everything that concerns self-knowledge, the need to find one's bearings, establish one's foundations and find one's way, we will turn towards black and tertiary colored stones such as brown.

Black stones are stones of introspection and self-knowledge, not to mention their protective virtues. They help us to make choices based on who we are by limiting external influence, to take a step back from what surrounds us and to connect with our deep needs in order to learn about ourselves.

  • Black tourmaline : It refocuses and channels the mind through deep rooting for a return to self-awareness. Stone of introspection, knowing your deep needs better allows you to know where to go. The main stone of protection, it offers us protection against external negative influences. To carry on us or in the environment.

  • Snow Obsidian : It helps to regain a sense of reality, to dispel illusions and to take stock of one's journey in a concrete way. Very balanced, she helps us bring our projects to fruition. We prefer the snow version here rather than black obsidian for the softness of its approach and to avoid the tendencies towards isolation that black obsidian could cause.

Brown stones will help us find and build our benchmarks to bring us stability and structure in our thoughts and actions. They are a good aid to organization and management, as well as acceptance of oneself and events with a feeling of security and confidence.

  • Fossil wood : Stone of growth, it roots us in concreteness and reality with complete peace of mind. It helps to stay focused and activates memory.

  • Smoky Quartz : A stone of mindfulness that immerses us in the concrete and helps us to meet the challenges that present themselves to us. We forget ideals and focus on achievable goals with a sense of responsibility. Self-confidence, overcoming your fears and limits, facing obstacles are the promises of smoky quartz.

  • Tiger's Eye : Stone of protection against the evil eye, it protects us from slander and bad intentions of others. Essential in all new projects to avoid being affected by the negativity and jealousy of others.

    Study, memory and structure of the mind

    Studying requires a lot of effort and mental energy. Logical sense, analysis and synthesis skills, structuring ideas and memorizing knowledge are all abilities that must be maintained and developed to aim for the success of your projects.

    What stones to help in studies?

    • Citrine : Solar stone par excellence, it generously shares its energy and tones the body and mind. Helping with concentration, it is ideal for revision and all intellectual and memory work.

    • Pyrite : A very structuring stone, pyrite is excellent for stimulating our intellectual abilities, both in terms of stimulating memory and concentration. It helps to structure your thoughts in an organized and concrete way, to bring rigor to your work. Ideal for all detailed and technical work.
    • Fluorite : its crystalline geometry makes it a structuring stone helping with organization, concentration and developing logical sense. This makes it an ideal stone for all research work. Depending on its color, it can also be a great source of creativity, as well as emotional support (see the specifics later in the article).

    Exam and interviews

    Job interviews and exams are major phases in educational and professional careers, providing a decisive turning point in the realization of our projects and our future. The success of an interview or an oral exam will depend, among other things, on our ability to mobilize all our knowledge and intellectual abilities, while managing the stress and pressure generated by the challenge (see also the stones for stress) , and our communication skills during orals and interviews (see also the stones dedicated to communication). Another determining element in our ability to mobilize all these faculties is to boost self-confidence. Here are some well-chosen stones that will help you in all these areas.

    Which stones for exams and interviews?

    • Lapis-Lazuli : Stone of intuition, sacred in ancient Egypt, it acts on both the emotions and the mind. Ideal for combating stress and mental relief, it brings us back to deep peace and brings us inner calm. It specializes in the ability to mobilize all our intellectual capacities (technical, creative, logical) therefore ideal for exams and studies in general.
    • Red Jasper : Linked to the root chakra, red jasper is a stone of self-confidence, motivation, and determination. It is a gentle but effective stone to obtain the strength to overcome obstacles, to assert oneself and to act with will.
    • Tiger's Eye : Stone of protection against the evil eye, it promotes taking initiative and freedom of mind by boosting self-confidence in a general feeling of security thanks to its protective virtues.
    • Rose quartz : Stone of the heart chakra, it brings with it deep peace and envelops us in a cocoon of reassuring love full of sweetness. It helps us to accept ourselves and gain self-confidence through tenderness.

    2. Stress and anxiety: Take care of yourself

    Gone are the relaxation of the holidays, the fresh air, the tranquility, the idleness... it's the return of the metro-work-sleep, or of a beautiful and new great adventure that you will embrace this return to school! Or maybe even your vacation wasn't that relaxing (#mental load). Either way, you deserve (I mean DESERVE) to feel calm in all circumstances. Neither vacations, nor work, nor studies should be a source of stress but rather of opportunity, excitement and satisfaction.

    Nervous stress

    Stress has many physical symptoms: nervous and muscular tension, palpitations, hot flashes, sweating, headaches or stomach aches, etc. This tension felt throughout the body, which tenses us, makes us nervous and uses up all our energy, we will be able to soothe it with the support of minerals.

    What stones to help fight stress?

    • Rhodochrosite or rhodonite : Rhodochrosite is an incredible anti-stress stone, ideal against the somatization of the anxious state and spreads its wonderful soothing power to greatly alleviate stress. Rhodonite shares these virtues but with more gentleness.
    • Rose Quartz : As mentioned previously, the stone of the heart par excellence will soothe your emotions and bring you the inner peace and comfort you so need to chase away your stress and its consequences.
    • Chalcedony (blue lace) : A very soft stone that will fill you with its softness to soothe your emotions and bring you overall well-being.

    Fears, anxiety and obsessive thoughts

    Acting on the consequences of stress is a very good thing to be able to manage an event or a period more calmly, but it is even better to tackle the source of this stress. Our distressing, sometimes obsessive thoughts, our conscious or unconscious fears which play out in the form of scenarios in our mind, the fear that things will go wrong and all our negative mental projections generate this stress. It's time to take out our most beautiful stones to help us clarify our minds.

    What stones against anxiety, obsessive thoughts and fears?

    • Amethyst : The stone of letting go, the one that will drive away obsessions and negative thoughts to return to greater clarity of mind. ideally recommended to soothe anxieties.
    • Smoky Quartz : Through its concrete aspect, its refocusing and its realism, smoky quartz will allow you to refocus on the essential by leaving aside distressing thoughts and predictions to return to reality and find solutions.
    • Rose Quartz : And yes again, as a healer of the heart, she helps us heal our past wounds, our traumas, our painful past, often the source of all distressing thoughts based on our bad past experiences.

    Emotional management

    Managing your stress means both managing your thoughts and managing your emotions. On this side, we have already seen some stones that can help us find emotional balance, take a step back from our feelings so as not to find ourselves overwhelmed, and therefore create harmony in our reactions to external stimulation.

    What stones to manage your emotions?

    • Green Aventurine : You have now understood, green aventurine is a very good stone for taking a step back from your emotions and managing to balance them to find inner harmony.
    • Green fluorite : Fluorite being a structuring stone allowing you to restore order within yourself, green colored fluorite will have its action on the heart chakra and allow reorganization under the sign of compassion and love.
    • Jade : Stone of temperance, justice, judgment, it helps to find inner balance with compassion.

    3. Energize the body and mind

    Red stones will provide you with the energy your body needs, while yellow stones will energize you on an intellectual level to always be at your best in all situations. An instant boost or energy diffused over time to last over time? You will find your happiness here.

    Energy and endurance

    Does September mean a new adventure for you? Or are you continuing on the same path but need a boost after the summer break? Or are you simply running out of energy after working all year and you really need a little help so you don't end up on your knees? Here are some stones that give you a boost of energy and will help you stay the course over time without burning out.

    Which stones to have more energy and tone?

    • Red Jasper : Well known to stone lovers, Red Jasper is an energizing stone that will help you gain courage and confidence in the face of life's challenges. It is an energizing stone that diffuses gently and long. It is therefore recommended to keep it with you for the long term.
    • Garnet : More powerful than red jasper, garnet will give you a real boost of energy. Courage, strength, perseverance and support in the face of mental struggles, this real energy booster will really make the difference in moments of fatigue and exhaustion. To be worn preferably at the root chakra during meditation.
    • Bull's Eye : Bull's eye is a natural red tiger's eye. It therefore shares the same properties as tiger's eye but is more aggressive and stronger in the virtues of courage, motivation, strength and energy.
    • Hematite : If you didn't know, Hematite is a red stone! Indeed, the inside of a hematite is red. It is ideal for combating fatigue and giving the strength to face obstacles. Full of energy, it will help you in the long term without exciting you to act with motivation and courage.

    Boost intellect and activate ideas

    Sometimes fatigue is mental, it manifests itself as difficulty concentrating, memorizing, understanding, or a lack of attention. Yellow stones will help you regain that dynamism and the mental strength necessary to reveal your full potential.

    Which stones to boost intellectual abilities?

    • Citrine : A stone of positivity and good humor, Citrine is a mental stimulant that wards off fatigue and invigorates the spirit. Solar stone, it knows how to revive your inner light. It is ideal for moments of intense concentration and memorization.
    • Pyrite : Virtues similar to Citrine but more concrete, in technicality and rigor. Where the luminous Citrine diffuses powerful energy in a light manner, the Pyrite will support you and face fatigue with tone. Ideal for detailed work requiring organization and technical skills.

    4. Relationship and communication

    A major issue for well-being at work or at school is the relationship we have with others, relationships with comrades and colleagues, the general atmosphere, and for that there is nothing better than maintaining good relationships with openness and respect. This involves daring to speak to others, knowing how to listen with discernment and knowing how to express yourself tactfully but clearly. We have some stones to offer you to help you with these tasks.

    Open up to others

    The most difficult thing when we join a new class, a new establishment, a new team, or even when we want to improve relationships, is to reach out to others, and to let others into our lives. To do so with complete confidence, here are some luminous stones that will help you reach out to others and shine among those around you.

    What stones to open up to others and against shyness?

    • Sunstone : Close to Citrine in its virtues, Sunstone is a warm stone that instills joy, cheerfulness, optimism and facilitates meetings and friendships. Meetings are made easier because Sunstone disinhibits and chases away our complexes, our shyness and our fears of others with all its positivity. It is a stone that helps us take action.
    • Carnelian : Carnelian is a joyful stone that calls for spontaneity. Linked to the sacral chakra, it pushes us to love life and take full advantage of what is offered to us. Live in the present moment, seize opportunities and create warm connections as a source of joy.
    • Citrine : No need to repeat, citrine linked to the solar chakra will help you make your inner light shine with enthusiasm and joy. This light attracts the right people who are receptive to your aura and helps you approach others with confidence.

    Assessing your position in a conversation

    Opening up to others is a very good thing, often the hardest thing to do. But opening up to others does not mean accepting everything from others, crushing ourselves, or letting them abuse our trust and kindness. Here are some stones that will help you activate your relationships while taking the necessary perspective to build healthy relationships and avoid disillusionment.

    What stones for healthy relationships?

    • Amazonite : Full of compassion and generosity, Amazonite helps us to have a better awareness of the relationships we build in order to be able to adapt and find the right compromises. It allows us to be open to others while helping us to stay focused on our own needs in order to flourish in all relationships.

    Express yourself clearly

    After having gone through the process of meeting her and making initial contacts, you still need to be able to express yourself. This also applies if you need support for a speech, an oral presentation, or public speaking. These few stones in your pocket or as jewelry will support you in this exercise and help you clarify your words to get your message across clearly and be well understood.

    What stones to better express yourself and be heard?

    • Aquamarine : Stone of speakers, it is very effective in all aspects of communication, both listening and speaking. Whether for a speech, singing, or to express a message, it greatly facilitates communication. It helps you overcome your fears to express yourself gently .
    • Blue Apatite : This magnificent stone helps you overcome your fears and be yourself in front of others, expressing yourself clearly and sincerely while soothing social discomfort. It gives the confidence necessary for self-expression.

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