Our contributors

Solstice & Minéraux was able to see the light of day, among other things, thanks to our many contributors who allowed us to finance the project and therefore bring it to life.

At the beginning of 2020, we carried out a crowdfunding campaign via the Ulule platform. This campaign was a great success because the financial objective was reached quickly and even exceeded our expectations.

In order to honor our contributors thanks to whom this adventure could be launched, we are "engraving in stone" (or rather on this page) their name/pseudo because they are now part of our history.

A huge thank you to all our contributors! ❤️

⭐Victoria A.
⭐Anne-Marie A.
⭐Cyril B.
⭐Tiffany T.
⭐Marc P.
⭐Virginia A.
⭐Emilie H.
⭐Dig Scraper
⭐Catherine B.
⭐Maureen F.
⭐Laurent P.
⭐Lucie C.
⭐Raphael G.
⭐ Emma G.
⭐Marie-Alix C.
⭐Justine C.
⭐Kevin G.
⭐Bea L.
⭐Manu M.
⭐Clothilde A.
⭐Michael B.
⭐Veronique L.
⭐Marine C.