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To always offer you more quality services, we form partnerships with therapists ❤️

You will find on this page a wide variety of therapists, as well as the treatments they offer. We will enrich the page regularly to cover as many departments as possible.

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Emily Hugues

Toulouse and surroundings - from a distance

Emilie is a holistic energy therapist in and around Toulouse . His care can also be done remotely .

She offers sacred energy care , guidance and support with flower essences .

Its energy treatments unblock, among other things, the energy channels, bringing an energy rebalancing of the body, a revitalization and a re-harmonization. These are a set of Sacred treatments that also accompany specific situations, emotional (anxiety, depression, sadness,...), physical (pain, colopathy, hypertension, chemotherapy,...) and even beyond.

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The essence of the soul acts

Marseilles - remotely

Emmanuelle Kostine is a practitioner in energy care and geobiology in Marseille or remotely on photo. It also offers videoconference workshops and training in dowsing and geobiology .

Energy care : Harmonization of the chakras and targeted harmonization (care for emotional shocks or any element disturbing the proper functioning of the subtle bodies).

Services in geobiology : study of the disturbances relating to your place of life, work or other, proposal of adapted solutions.

Videoconference workshops : rituals, care and guidance around the chakras, energy cleansing

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Frouard - remotely

Marine Mayer is a practitioner in the field of well-being, she is also the editor of a spiritual and personal development blog. She practices in her office near Nancy or remotely .

She offers energy care , magnetism and dowsing , but also advice on your spiritual awakening . Trained in LaHoChi in 2020, she performs sessions adapted to your needs.

She is at your disposal to help you in your well-being approach, do not hesitate to contact her.

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Osaïs - At the center of oneself

Moret sur Loing - remotely

Fanny is a holistic energy therapist . She receives you in her office near Fontainebleau or remotely .

Energy care : Nordic runes, guidance, soul reading, EFT, hypnosis .

Perinatal care : dedicated to welcoming your baby, in gentleness and caring listening. 

✨ Support for children and teenagers: to guide them towards the being they want to become and give them tools to help them live their emotions and reduce stress.

Animal communication : Fanny is the link between you and your companions to help you better understand them and live in harmony with them.

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Constance Moon

Online - Normandy

Constance is a yoga teacher in Normandy. She teaches Vinyasa yoga and Yin yoga . Currently, she is training to become a naturopath .

His classes have been taking place mainly online since the health crisis. She also offers private lessons that she adapts according to each person's needs.

Do not hesitate to contact her, to consult her blog and her social networks for more information!

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Orkian Energy

Haute-Savoie - remotely

Fabien offers reiki treatments in Haute-Savoie or remotely . It also offers lithotherapy treatments, energy rebalancing treatments and advice on relaxation and meditation .

He is passionate about tarot and oracles, and therefore offers guidance . He is in training and will soon offer astrology sessions .

Finally, it offers advice and support in aromatherapy and aromacology (the psycho-olfactory impact of essential oils).

Do not hesitate to contact him and consult his social networks for more information!

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Eros Nature

Reims - remotely

Clément is a naturopath and foot reflexologist in Reims where he welcomes you in a colorful and warm office. He is also trained in Reiki Kundalini .

Naturopathic consultations can also be done by video and Reiki Kundalini treatments remotely , in the comfort of your home.

He specializes in apitherapy and in the support of disorders related to sexuality .

Clément is committed to supporting people towards a natural and gentle well-being. Do not hesitate to contact him and consult his social networks for more information!

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Tarot & Nature

Nanterre - remotely

Marjorie L Durand is a vitalist naturopath in Nanterre and an intuitive therapist , passionate about natural well-being, psychological tarot and intuitive writing.

Naturopathic consultations help you regain or maintain your well-being and vitality in a natural way. After a vitality assessment , Marjorie will offer you a personalized program that covers your diet, your muscular, emunctorial (eliminating organs) and psychic hygiene.

Marjorie also offers personal development sessions . At the end of the session, you will have a clearer idea of ​​your life mission and the tools at your disposal to achieve it.

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my web of heart

Aussonne - remotely

Hélène Pissi is a holistic therapist with a degree in osteopathy in Aussonne , she is also trained in many other therapeutic tools that she combines in her accompaniments.

✨ Care and therapeutic follow-up (at the office, by appointment): The Sacred Body Path combines the touch of osteopathic techniques and targeted intentions to free the body and the other dimensions that make us up.

✨ Workshops : reconnection with the power of the wheel of the year (Au Rhythm of the Seasons), transmission of knowledge (Le Lab-Oratoire du Partage ).

✨ Personalized guidance (remotely) : embody your potential thanks to the Naitre à son Potential service. Hélène guides you with her Daily Oracle® , an innovative tool that she designed herself.

To find out more about Hélène, her services, her techniques and to make an appointment, consult her website and her social networks:

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With body of mind

Montpellier - remotely

Gwenda is a well-being and energy masseuse in Montpellier , she also offers baby massage workshops , for parents who wish to learn how to massage babies to relieve them and create rituals.

Gwenda offers Ayurvedic massages , massages for pregnant women , an intuitive massage (tailor-made massage according to your needs) and a massage treatment with crystals to rebalance your chakras. This can also be done remotely .

To find out more about Gwenda and its services, consult its website and its social networks:

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The O 31 Institute

Good (86)

Ophélie, beautician, naturopath and Reiki practitioner , welcomes you to her institute in Bonnes where she offers a wide variety of treatments: Ear candles , reiki (children and adults), children's treatments , light therapy , Abhyanga treatments, pouch treatments .

She only uses organic , branded and French -made products. Natural well-being is Ophélie's priority, and her objective: to help you let go thanks to her treatments and reiki sessions .

To find out more about Ophélie and her services, consult her website and her social networks:

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Connection of the senses

From a distance

Malika is a holistic therapist who works with women to help them reach their full potential . She also offers energy care , she is a LaHoChi teacher and practitioner and she does clairvoyance/guidance sessions . Malika organizes workshops (spiritual advice, rituals, using plants and healing with them).

Treatments are suitable for adults, children and adolescents .

To learn more about Malika and her services, consult her social networks:

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Ana Gironella

Distance - Saint Maur des Fosses

Ana is an online hypnotherapist and at her office in Saint Maur-des-Fossés , on Saturdays only. She is also editor of a wellness blog dedicated to 40-year-old women.

She offers Ericksonian hypnosis sessions to work on psychological blockages, insomnia, stress management, addictions or even self-confidence.

To learn more about Ana and her services, consult her blog and her social networks:

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We remind you that the care offered does not replace medical advice. In case of illness, we strongly advise you to consult your doctor.