Our history and our values

Spirituality and daily well-being

Solstice & Minéraux is first and foremost a passion for crystals and lithotherapy .
From this passion is born a desire to share the benefits of the stones on the body and the spirit ,
then a desire to make accessible the tools necessary for a flourishing modern spirituality .
This is why we do everything possible to offer you natural and current products, of the best possible quality and meeting your needs for well-being and spirituality .
We are all souls anchored in our modern world, trying to overcome the tumult of everyday life and juggle between work and passions, duties and needs, family and friends, hobbies and responsibilities, stress and moments of peace.
The modern world and our need for well-being can very well come together in our lifestyle. The ascent to well-being and harmony resides in our ability to successfully take the best of both worlds.

Our values

The quality of our minerals and products

We are committed to doing our best to ensure that our minerals are of the highest quality in order to guarantee their aesthetics and their energy quality.

We also do our best to ensure the eco-responsibility of the entire commercial and production chain. Indeed, before a stone has the chance to be chosen by a lucky person like you in store, it has been extracted from the heart of our Earth (there are different methods of extraction, some more healthy and natural than others), has undergone transformations (some cutting and polishing methods are destructive), has traveled many kilometers and met many people (miners, cutters, transporters, craftsmen). The choice of our partners is therefore the subject of particular attention because we deeply defend our nature and its beings.

Professional know-how for serious advice

Trained in lithotherapy, practices and energy care and anchored in spirituality for many years, our theoretical knowledge and the experience of our practices ensure you informed and informed advice (where the internet offers us too often vague information, where popularization is done to the detriment of the seriousness and the real effectiveness of lithotherapy).