Solstice & Minerals: our history, our values

woman wearing bracelets and jewelry made of fine stones and carrying a small bouquet of flowers in her hands

Who are we ?

Solstice & Minéraux is first of all a small workshop near Lyon, where we make your fine stone bracelets, prepare your orders with love and produce our content to teach you always more on many subjects.

Ava, passionate about minerals and natural well-being, wanted to run her own store in the field of minerals, well-being and energy to offer everyone the opportunity to benefit from these wonderful worlds. . An energy practitioner and deeply human-oriented, he trained in lithotherapy at IFEL (European Federal Institute of Lithotherapy) and gave birth to Solstice & Minéraux. Thanks to her training, Ava will provide you with sound, quality advice.

Our values

            Spirituality and daily well-being

Solstice & Minéraux is first and foremost a passion for minerals and lithotherapy, it is also a desire to share the benefits of stones on the body and mind, and to make accessible the tools necessary for spirituality. modern flourishing.

This is why it is important for us to offer you natural and current products, of the best possible quality and meeting your needs for well-being and spirituality.

We are all souls anchored in our modern world, trying to overcome the tumult of everyday life and juggle work and passions, duties and needs, family and friends, hobbies and responsibilities, stress and moments of peace. The modern world and our need for well-being can be combined in our lifestyle. The rise to well-being and harmony lies in our ability to succeed in taking the best of both worlds.

            Quality minerals and products

We are committed to doing our utmost to ensure that our minerals are of maximum quality in order to guarantee their aesthetics and energy quality.

We also do our utmost to ensure the eco-responsibility of the entire commercial and production chain. Indeed, before a stone has the chance to be chosen by a lucky person like you in the store, it has been extracted from the heart of our Earth, undergone transformations, traveled long distances and met many people. The choice of our partners is therefore the subject of particular attention because we deeply defend our Nature and its Beings. We select our suppliers according to the extraction methods, the cutting and polishing techniques used, as well as according to ethical criteria towards workers (miners, tailors, transporters, craftsmen).

            Professional know-how and serious advice

Trained in lithotherapy, practices and energy treatments and anchored in spirituality for many years, our theoretical knowledge and the experience of our practices ensure you informed and wise advice, where the internet offers us information that is too often vague, where popularization is done to the detriment of the seriousness and real effectiveness of lithotherapy.

Our history

The story of Solstice & Minéraux is only just beginning: after a successful crowdfunding campaign, the store was launched in August 2020.

The objective in 2021 is clear: to offer more and more quality products and make Solstice & Minéraux a place of knowledge and learning. Articles are coming on many topics including minerals and energy!

Our contributors

Solstice & Minéraux was made possible thanks to our many contributors, who allowed us to finance the project and therefore bring it to life.

At the beginning of 2020, we carried out a crowdfunding campaign via the Ulule platform. This campaign was a great success because the financial objective was reached quickly and even exceeded our expectations.

In order to honor our contributors thanks to whom this adventure was able to be launched, we are engraving in stone (or rather on this page) their name/pseudonym because they are now part of our history.

A huge thank you to all our contributors! ❤️