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Galet poli and Selenite

Solstice & Minéraux offers you magnificent Selenite pebbles, a variety of white fibrous gypsum with attractive surface reflections.

Provenance : Morocco

Size weight :6x4 cm approximately - 128g approximately

📓 Virtues in lithotherapy

pure serenity
Synthesis Abilities
Sharpen judgment
Circulation of energies
Against the digressions of the mind

💎 Crystal System


☀️ Chakras

Coronal - Sahasrara (Seventh Chakra)

⭐ Astrological signs

Cancer, Aquarius

🌀 Purify Selenite

Incense, indirect salt or any other method. Never water or salt in direct contact

⚡ Refill Selenite

On a cluster of rock crystal or under the sun

The virtues of Selenite

► Consult the complete selenite fact sheet

In lithotherapy, the Sélénite is a stone soothing properties. It is mainly used in meditation because it brings a lot of serenity, it promotes concentration realigning the wanderings of the mind, it irrigates the information by intuition and she facilitate their circulation.

the selenite pebble can also be placed at the entrance of your home to bring energies of peace and harmony.

Selenite is very useful for all professions or activities that require synthesis skills because it improves them, while refining the judgment. She is also a great help to work on her intuition and the mediumship.

Be careful, Selenite should never be put in water.

White color properties

White is the color of openness, perception and clarification.

♻️ Our packaging is recyclable and eco-responsible
❤️ 1% of the amount will be donated to partner associations

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